Design a Retreat
Bakku Hausu is located at the Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center. This provides an opportunity for our guests to engage the services of our wellness practitioners, enjoy fine arts instruction or participate in our contemplative and movement arts classes. Click here to find out how to design your own "Vermont Retreat".


jack and lj stewart, your hosts at bakku hausuWelcome to Bakku Hausu, the “Back House” at Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center. We are your hosts, Jack and Lj Stewart. Our friendly pets, Happy and Content, welcome you, too!

Our guest house is designed to reflect the style of a Ryokan, a type of Japanese inn.  A typical Ryokan features guest rooms where futons are laid out for bedding. Hot tubs are usually communal. Ryokans are most often found in scenic areas such as in the mountains or along the seacoast.

A visit to a Ryokan is a unique experience of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality and a style of accommodation that we admired while traveling in Japan. It’s our hope that you will enjoy this small taste of Japanese-style hospitality in Vermont.

stevens river, barnet, vt - bakku hausu at barnet tradepost wellness centerBakku Hausu, on the grounds of the Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center, is nestled in a bend in the Stevens River at the top of a 250 ft waterfall. Our well-tended gardens and fledgling orchard make this a peaceful and delightful Vermont getaway in any season.

Our location in Barnet Village offers the convenience of a market and post office just steps from our front door. From tea to toothbrushes and snacks to sake, you’ll find at it the Barnet Village Store.

A quick walk across the bridge over the waterfall brings you to Samadhi Cushions, an interesting shop featuring locally made meditation cushions,  yoga props, books and other practice accoutrements. A bit further up the hill are the Barnet Public Library and the Barnet Historical Society.

Bakku Hausu is located just off VT Rt 5 and less than a half mile from Exit 18 off I-91 in Barnet, Vermont. Our easy access to the scenic areas of both northern Vermont and New Hampshire make this a perfect “base camp” for your vacation or business excursion.

Please contact us for more information or to reserve a stay at our “Back House”.